Aventurine - Peach


Peach Aventurine


Origin: India


Aventurine is of the Quartz family, coloured by the inclusions of Fuchsite or Hematite. Typically Aventurine is green, but can also be found in yellow, orange or red, coloured by the inclusion of Hematite.

The words aventurine is derived from the Italian ‘aventura’ meaning “by chance”.


We sell very attractive larger-sized tumbled stones. Pieces you can hold and feel in your hand. Our stones are categorised in mainly three sizes, small (ca. 25 to 35 mm & 10 to 25 grams), medium (ca. 30 to 40 mm and 25 to 35 grams) and large (ca. 35 to 55 mm and 35 to 80 grams). Our small is generally larger than the sizes usually found. Please note that these sizes are only indication as some may be smaller and others larger.


The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.




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