Mini Oco Agate Geodes - x 3




Mini Oco Agate Geodes x 3

Origin: Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Fontoura Xavier, Três Pinheiros

Size: 23 mm to 33 mm in diameter, total weight 30 grams

These beautiful smaller sized agate geodes are found in Brazil, the world’s most renowned source of exceptional Agate, Quartz and Amethyst geode specimens. Oco Geodes (also known as Ocho) is said to come from dark red-brown soils of the Três Pinheiros region.

These Agate geode are natural colour, and has only been cut and polished to expose the beauty. It is variable in colour from light colours to darker black with white feathery patterns on the rim.

The cavities are lined with fine Quartz/Chalcedony crystals, on some, specks of black Goethite crystals are present.
The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.


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