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Exquisite Stones

We are a South African based dealer of a wide range of exquisite minerals in various forms; from crystal specimens, rough and polished minerals, tumbled stones, fossils and more.

We have been collecting minerals for many years and have made it our focus to source and offer an extensive range of beautiful selected crystals.

Our Origin Story

Monique & Sean

Exquisite Stones started with a few Spirit Quartz pieces that sparkled so beautifully in the sun which we could not resist buying. As the collection grew over months we realised that we have a love and passion for minerals.

We made it our focus to look for and select interesting and beautiful pieces that we can share with people and the love for what became our small business.

We stock minerals in various forms, from tumbled gemstones by type, to scratching through and discovering polished minerals and crystal specimens for the collector.

We offer an extensive range of minerals, due to the love of finding them, observing and studying them and for the pure love and joy of being able to feel the earth!


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Stones and Minerals

Sharing our love of stones, minerals and crystals is at the heart of everything we do. In our Mineral Files, you’ll find all of the information we have gathered on selected items.

Asylum Quartz

The name Asylum Quartz has been given to this truly amazing variety of macrocrystalline Quartz. Asylum, literally for “crazy quartz”, because of the amounts and number of various and unusual inclusions found in these specimens.

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Ice Cream Quartz

The name Ice Cream Quartz has been given to these beautiful specimens; the variously coloured Copper minerals and the icy Quartz crystal druse gives a collection of these specimens the appearance of ice cream.

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Quartz may either be transparent, translucent or opaque. Pure quartz is colourless but ranges from white, purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, black or grey in colour due to trace amounts of other elements, or the inclusion of other minerals.

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